Get an inside look at the creation of production-ready creature rigs for film, TV and video games.  Garner strategies and techniques for creating creatures of all types, and make them ready for easy automatic use in many different types of media (transmedia): film, TV, games - one rig for all.  You will move step by step from idea, to concept, and finally to completion through a proven production-pipeline. "Digital Creature Rigging" gives you the practical, hands-on approaches to rigging you need, with a theoretical look at 12 rigging principles, and plenty of tips, tricks and techniques to get you up and running quickly. This is the definitive guide to creating believe production-ready creature rigs with 3ds Max.
As a Character TD, this is a must read. The book goes in-depth into the fascinating world of creature rigging in a very compelling and clear way. In this one of a kind book, Stewart Jones explains exactly how to setup an amazing creature and bring it to life by blending the artistic and technical aspects of digital creature rigging."
--Suchan Raj Bajracharya, character TD and CEO at Puppeteer Lounge
"Do you want to learn character setup techniques by pouring over difficult technical jargon and combing through un-illustrated dense text? Oh, then please, put this book down. You won't find that here. Stu delivers all you need to know about rigging in Max in an easy to read-light hearted way, all punctuated with oodles of images. The methods he presents are production methods that will serve as a great reference tool for anyone working in rigging for themselves, in a group project or preparing for a production career. Enjoy!"
--Tina O'Hailey author of Hybrid Animation and Rig it Right!
"Right to the point and a one-of-its-kind; clear, simple and filled in with fabulous 'practical theory', Stewart's book puts together everything you will need to master the beautiful art of rigging. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, an animator, a rigger or a modeller, Digital Creature Rigging will take you the next level"
--Nacho Barahona - Character Animator, Harry Potter 7, Happy Feet 2, Guardians of Ga'Hoole
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