is the companion website for the following books:
- Digital Creature Rigging: The Art and Science of CG Creature Setup in 3ds Max
- Digital Creature Rigging: Wings, Tails and Tentacles
- Mechanic Creations in 3D: A Practical Look into Complex and Technical Setups for Animation & VFX
Stewart is a journal-published MBA graduate and PhD researcher with an international career as a management and production consultant in the media and entertainment industry. He is an EU Commission Expert, ScreenSkills Mentor, a higher education lecturer, and has multiple publications in animation, visual effects, screenwriting, and project management. Stewart is an advocate for people with disabilities, determined to decrease the barriers to entry for both the enjoyment and participation in business and the screen industry.
Chris has over twenty year’s digital experience in video games, TVC, marketing, advertising, education, medical, design & VR/AR. In that time he has worked on multiple award winning productions including being an integral part of two Bafta winning projects. As a digital creative, his varied background has included working with UK & Globally renowned brands in a multitude of roles. His previous roles have included everything from 3D Artist to Creative Director (CD), and Computer Graphics (CG) Supervisor or Art Production Manager.
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