Cogs, cranks, wheels, plates, chains, springs and pistons - a nightmare for animators. This book shows 3D artists how to create, setup, control and automate movements for complex and technically challenging mechanical structures all while working on a super-detailed steampunk train! This book will specifically implement current industry trends and techniques for animated mechanical structures. We will be using Autodesk 3ds Max only, with no plugins and no additional software required. Readers will close out this book with a completed steampunk train for their portfolios and practical knowledge to combat other tricky hard-surface rigging and animation challenges.
- This is the only book available for mechanical setups in Autodesk 3ds Max. 
- Although 3ds Max specific, the techniques and foundations will work for any 3D application. 
- By following the step-by-step guides in this book, you can finish and complete a portfolio-ready steampunk train. 
- Each chapter will include an introduction and a summary, giving significance to the start and end of each section where readers can rest! 
- Boxed step-by-step guides will be used for the creation of technical setups in 3ds Max. A "Memory Refresh" section is included in each chapter, this gives short and quick reminders for the stages needed to complete the chapter setup - helpful as a reference guide for those that have already read the book and just need a reminder, saving them time as they won’t have to re-read the whole thing!
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